Our History

Introduction of Australian IVF Technology in Pakistan has helped thousands of Couples to have a baby and make their dream a reality. Owner operator of the Australian Concept Fertility Centre in Pakistan, (The only state of the art International IVF Centre in Pakistan), Dr Kiran Shahid, a specialist family physician and her husband Shahid Shakur, a Barrister & Solicitor, living in Perth, Western Australia, since 1989, inspired Dr Bruce Bellinge to bring his expertise in human reproductive technology to Pakistan. They jointly, from their own capital, established the Australian Concept Fertility Centre in Karachi, Pakistan.
How it all started!

Australian Concept Fertility Centre

Dr Bruce Bellinge, researching the early fetal development of domestic farm animals in the UK in the mid-1970s, had little idea of the part he would play in bringing joy to hundreds of families not only in Australia but overseas as well. Fascinated by the reproductive working of larger mammals, Dr Bellinge eventually moved into a form of human reproductive technology that was so new and so revolutionary that many dismissed it as an impossible dream. He recently noted when we first started doing IVF, there was quite a lot of suspicion about this new form of technology.
Dr. Bellinge said; “It was an area of science that a lot of people thought was pushing the boundaries just a little too far. The success rates were so very low back in 1981 and 1982 that people felt this was not a very viable type of technology.”

 Unfazed by the opposition, Dr Bellinge and his colleagues pushed on, excited by the possibilities of in-vitro fertilization. On his return home, he opened Australia’s first private IVF laboratory in 1982 at the Avro Hospital in Subiaco, Western Australia, treating young couples desperate to have their first child.

Our Objectives

To promote greater awareness to the public on the causes, diagnosis and treatment modalities of infertility, using the basic premise that infertility is a condition of a man and woman, who are desirous, but unable to have their own baby without assistance.
To clinically assist all infertile couples within Pakistan to achieve that greatest gift of all, a beautiful healthy baby.
To undertake research in the specific fields of Assisted Reproduction to further create opportunities for infertile couples.

High-quality IVF Services

Established in 2000, Australian Concept Fertility Centre Pakistan offers the most comprehensive range of fertility services available internationally. Concept has been at the forefront of Assisted Reproductive Technology since its establishment in Pakistan. Our consultant gynecologists are foreign qualified and experienced in the specialist treatment of infertility. Our scientists have been trained at the Perth facility and are experienced in the fields of Semenology, Embryology, Biochemistry and early fetal development. Concept is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all our services and maintaining highest ethical, professional and clinical standards.

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